Bag fitted with 2 retractable lanyards

  • Bag fitted with 2 retractable lanyards (lanyard extended to maximum: 105 cm).The retractable lanyards connect the tools to your belt. The tools are not connected to your wrists: « hands free » work.The retractable lanyards are stored automatically in their housings. Conversely, a traditional lanyard remains around the waist and may be entangled.Using a snap hook MOUSQ6X60SLS is recommended to connect a FACOM SLS tool to the retractable lanyard ring.Fabric resistant to most common solvents.
  • Compatible with FACOM belts SLS CT70-100 (70 to 100 cm) and CT100-140 (100 to 140 cm).Loop height: for 55 mm strap max.
  • Loop thickness: for strap of 3 mm max.
  • Supplied without snap hook MOUSQ6X60SLS and tools not included.
  • Nominal acceptable load: 0.7 kg.