U.310 - Outside pullers

  • Versatile: takes 2 or 3 legs. Converts into inside puller with the legs U.306G3 + screw U.20B1.
  • Comfort: self-gripping legs by return spring. The puller stays in rolling position even when not in tension.
  • Safety: legs locked in position on the bearing using a knob. No risk for the puller to escape from the bearing.
  • Adaptable puller accessories: hydraulic screw U.3 and slide hammer U.2.


Depth Maxi [mm]Length L [mm]Height H [mm]C Mini - Maxi [mm]Length [mm]Hex Size [mm]Screw Size ["]t ["]Weight [Kg]Legs_Multi ["]Screw Size Multi ["]Tonnes ["]
U.310-170170.0143.0365.015 - 170300.024.0U.20B1100.04.6U.310G124.010.0
U.310-250250.0163.0420.015 - 250380.024.0U.310-250-10100.05.6U.310G224.010.0